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Spring Entry Way

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It's HERE it's really really here! Today is the first official day of Spring! I know it may not feel like spring where you are but it's pretty darn close here and I'm so... relieved. Relieved is the only word I can think of that really describes how I'm feeling about Spring's approach. I love a good cozy winter, but I have had enough of the dreary skies and yoyo temps.

 I've been working the last few weeks to rework some areas of our house to add in some pops of Spring and I'm really happy with how this small space just makes me smile. Something I like to do seasonally, is take all of my decor from my mantel, coffee table, breakfast nook sideboard, entry way, etc and move it all to my kitchen table. I give everything a good dusting (because I'm not so good at doing that all the time) then I start to add things back and put stuff I'm not using for the season away.

I take out things I've stored for Spring (or whatever season) and add them in with my basics. This allows me to rework these little areas to create new vignettes with things I already own, instead of feeling like I need to buy all new things for each season. If I go to pull something out and I don't want to use it, I'll add it to a yard sale or donation box. Just because I don't love it, doesn't mean it isn't a great piece for someone else. After all, I buy a lot from thrift and consignment stores!

I try to "shop" from the table or from around my house to change things up every season, but I  did buy these cute little wooden bunnies a few weeks ago though at TJ Maxx for 3.99 (similar here)  and I purchased a few bundles of faux lavender I loved and knew I'd use for Spring and probably Summer. There are a few more florals I found at Michael's that I'm really wanting to incorporate but we'll see if they are still around when my budget allows for it. Real greenery doesn't do great in this spot because it's really pretty shady most of the day, so I have been sticking with faux and cut flowers here.

Right now, one of my staple pieces is the table, of course (although I am eyeing one a bit larger ) and this sign from Sprigs of Wisdom, I got last year. It's had a few homes around the house but I've been loving it here for the last several months so I just decided to add a little greenery to it to kind of fill the wall a little more.

The books are a mix of old, new and some with the covers torn off. I just used a bit of left over ribbon to tie up this little bundle to keep them from knocking the bunnies over and I decided I really like the bundle look here! Books are just such great filler pieces.

I borrowed the rest of the pieces from other areas of the house but managed to replace all of them with something equally as functional.

My hope with this post is to show you how I was inspired to incorporate a few new things with lots of old and collected. I also wanted to just create a happy spot that makes me smile with it's little pops of color and cuteness as I walk in the door. How are you feeling inspired on this first day of spring?

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